Classes, academic programmes, performance assessment and examination systems focus equally on fast and slow learner in the classrooms. Lot of emphasis is laid on teaching with high-tech I.T. enabled multi-sensory aids and methods in classroom. The syllabus is covered using computer generated graphics, animations, 3D images and video clips.
  • Dedicated Management, faculty and staff drawn from the best of the public schools.
  • Smart Class Rooms fitted with big size plasma T.V., provision for excellent I.T. infrastructure and supervised internet, Computer, Science and Math labs.
  • Modern Library and Knowledge Centre.
  • Prep and tutorials, counselling for slow learners
  • Books, uniforms at market rates
  • Tie-up with Educomp Educational Services for high-tech, I.T. enabled multi-sensory teaching methods and content in classroom.
  • Excellent Results and Performance

    Academics at Smt. T.T. College Baragaon the most important thing. Our College believes that each student who enters the College campus, must be able to maximize his or her potential - and gain the kind of knowledge, that would prove useful and find application in the industry of tomorrow.

    It is with this objective that Our College approaches the academics. Thanks to autonomy Smt. T.T. College Baragaon has been able to decide its own courses and syllabus, thus leading to a better quality of education, more fun and much more useful.

    Also Our College has radically changed the testing system, switching to a continuous evaluation procedure based on 3 evenly spaced out exams in a semester. Also scoring now done is grade based and students get their GPAs, which makes it much easier for students to study abroad later for their post-graduation. This normalization of the testing and grading systems has widely made the lives of students much simper, less stressing and more fun.

    So, go ahead and explore this section to see in detail how Smt. T.T. College Baragaon approaches its academics.